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Tue, 06/11/2024 - 10:38
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Efforts Underway to Recover Submerged Vehicles After Riverbank Collapse

CHAI NAT, June 11 (TNA) - Following yesterday's riverbank collapse in Chai Nat, authorities have recovered four motorcycles from the Chao Phraya River but are awaiting heavy machinery today to remove trees obstructing the retrieval of submerged cars.

CCTV footage from in front of Wat Thammamool Worawihan, located in Mueang Chai Nat District, captured the precise moment the riverbank gave way. The footage reveals an initial loud cracking sound followed by the collapse of the riverbank and the adjacent parking area, causing a significant commotion and alarming the nearby school.

Just over a minute later, a second collapse pulled down trees and a school parking structure into the river. This incident resulted in three cars and eleven motorcycles, belonging to teachers, students, janitors, and cooks, plunging into the Chao Phraya River.

Investigations revealed that the riverbank collapse extended over 60 meters in length and up to 30 meters inland from the river. One monk's quarters from the temple and a school parking structure were destroyed. Vehicles affected include three teachers' cars, five motorcycles of school staff, six students' bicycles, and three floating docks in front of the temple.

Rescue teams from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation have been searching the 8-meter-deep waters since yesterday afternoon. They managed to retrieve four motorcycles but encountered difficulty recovering the cars due to submerged trees blocking access. Buoys have been placed to mark the locations, awaiting the arrival of a Marine Department vessel and a crane from the Irrigation Department to remove the obstructions before car recovery can proceed.

Although the road near the collapse site remains intact and operational, being 4-5 meters away from the collapse edge, authorities are advising the public to use alternative routes temporarily. The road section near the site will be closed temporarily for safety during the car recovery operations.

Residents and commuters are advised to follow updates and heed official directions to ensure safety and facilitate smooth recovery operations. -819 (TNA)