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Since their establishment of diplomatic ties 30 years ago, Vietnam and Slovenia have maintained regular dialogues despite the geographical distance and limited resources. Exchanges and cooperation between the two countries have been strengthened in recent times. 

Regarding trade ties, the ambassador said that two-way trade between Vietnam and Slovenia has grown steadily in recent years, reaching 573 million USD in 2023. 

In the first four months of 2024, the figure hit 161 million USD, with Vietnam's exports worth 127.5 million USD, equivalent to the level in the same period last year and its imports 33.5 million USD, down 0.6%.

Slovenia has three projects with a total registered capital of 2.27 million USD in Vietnam, ranking 92nd out of 144 countries and territories investing in the Southeast Asian nation.

The cooperation and exchanges between Vietnam and Slovenia in many other fields have been also developing. 
With many similarities and potential between the two countries, Slovenia and Vietnam can share, support, and further enhance cooperation for mutual development, contributing to peace, security, and stability both in the region and the world as a whole./.