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It was attended by renowned professors and scholars in the Vietnamese intellectual community in France, who have held important positions in French companies, corporations, and research institutes. 

Prominent were Professors Tran Thanh Van, Nguyen Quy Dao, Pham Xuan Yem, Le Van Cuong, Dang Van Ky, Vu Ngoc Can, and Nguyen Duc Nhuan, and Dr Vu Ngoc Quynh, among others.

The golden generation of Vietnamese intellectuals, who arrived in France between 1954 and 1964, are becoming fewer in number, while the newer generations have limited opportunities to access information from their predecessors.

Therefore, the Vietnam Innovation Network in Europe organised this meeting for the older generations to share their life experience, studies, and contributions with the younger generation. They also discussed their dedication to their adopted country, their homeland Vietnam, and the France - Vietnam relationship.

France is home to many Vietnamese talented experts and intellectuals. These professionals are collaborating to provide sustainable solutions to Vietnam’s challenges. By leveraging their expertise and knowledge, they support the country’s efforts in innovation through specific projects./.