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Originating from a belief that red symbolises fire and light, with the fire god being their most sacred deity, Pa Then women use red as the dominant colour in their traditional attire. 

This vibrant red is combined with white and black fabric, interwoven with patterns in blue and yellow, creating a harmonious contrast against the majestic natural backdrop of the mountains and forests.

According to Pa Then custom, young women must weave a new set of clothes for themselves to wear on their wedding day. Their attire is therefore not only about clothing, but also marks the coming of age for young girls. The hand-embroidered patterns are a way for young men to recognise the skill and diligence of the girl they may propose marriage to.

To preserve and maintain the craft, classes have been organised in the local community.

Preserving and promoting the traditional craft of hand-woven textiles not only helps the Pa Then people preserve their cultural values and ethnic identity, but also creates opportunities for tourism development and establishing sustainable livelihoods./.