Greek Ship in Iran's Kish Island sinking deeper

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Nestled in the southern island of Iran, in the Persian Gulf, the Greek Ship of Kish Island has become a captivating tourist attraction. Recently, it has begun to sink deeper, adding a touch of melancholy to its allure. This ship is a notable landmark of the Hormozgan province. (IRNA photos/Mahmoud Khakbaz)

The ship’s tale began in 1943 AD, when William Hamilton Shipbuilding in Port Glasgow, Scotland, crafted this magnificent cargo ship. The same year, it was sold to the British Ministry of War and Transport.

The ship then embarked on a journey of several different ownerships. In 1959, the ship found a new home with an Iranian company and was renamed as The Iranian Koorosh. In 1965, under new ownership, it was renamed as The Hamadan. Later a Greek national bought the vessel.